Top Guide to buying a high-end dog bed

Who says your dog must compromise on comfort and style? They have an equal right to luxury and comfort. If you believe that your dog should be treated like royalty there are no dearth of high end dog beds. While the basic requirements of a high-end dog bed remain the same, there are few more essentials that you must be aware of before buying a dog bed.

Luxury dog beds come in all sizes and shapes. These ultra dapper beds can put many a piece of furniture to shame. Here are the key components that you must consider before you buy a high-end dog bed:

Looks: The choice is limitless if you have the patience to browse through catalogs of unique innovative canine furniture manufactured in all possible and conceivable designs and styles. For example, there are beds that have overhanging shades suitable for patios, or supremely ornate four-poster beds with curtains and silk sheets. So, choose a style that reflects your love for your pet and will go with the rest of the decor of the room.

Comfort: After the Visual satiation the next most important thing is the comfort. Beauty is no compromise for comfort. Hence look for beds that have a high-grade filling that is non-allergenic in nature. You can choose memory foam for extra support and comfort. There are even eco-friendly fillings for the environmentally conscious owner. Make sure the filling is top quality and comes with proper certification.

The external covering must not only be comfortable but also attractive and soft. Here there is plenty of choice in color and material. You can choose either denim, velvet or cotton or any other breathable material. Some luxury beds come with smooth microfiber that is easy to wash and maintain. Then there is real leather and faux leather that add their own charm to any piece of furniture.

Maintenance: The covers, the accompanying cushions and bolsters must be easy to wash and clean.

Warranty: Luxury dog beds are premium pieces of furniture that must be accompanied by an appropriate warranty.

So, choose either a modernist or Victorian sofa for your pet and make it feel like royalty every single day.