Shopping During A Weight Loss Transition

Been there, done that:

If you know the pressure of the pulls and the push that is there when you need to actually go store shopping and you are on a diet, you would never do it unless you are extremely courageous.

I am not!

For a long long time, I used to procrastinate going actual shopping because I was scared that the diet I was following would fall into shrouds. No! I am not prejudging myself. But I am talking from experience.

Once, I was on a diet and I thought to myself, well, I am on it and I know it. So, what is the big deal about going to a store next door to pick up some baby formula and finger food? I cannot tell you what bigger folly than that could be. Because when I was back from shopping, I had picked up a cart full of food that I was forbidden to even touch but I thought that a great promotion was running and that the offer would run out exactly when I would need them.

So, a two dozen packet of crispy stayed in my pantry for a couple of days until I was so hungry looking at them that I polished off one packet in less than three days! So imagine!!

Professional nutritionists will tell you not to expose yourself to food:

Overexposure can be counter-effective but for people who are newly on diets et al, it is recommended to stay away from temptation. And for a person like me who is an impulsive buyer, I rather stay at home and click away gloriously at the computer and get my provisions home delivered than actually picking up two bags full of potato crispy!

You know what you are!

It is, of course, important that you do not generalize yourself. However, prevention is always better than cure. You can read more about this review in the monthly gym magazine that I regularly contribute to!…