Should the drapes match the carpet: ultimate decorating mistakes and tips?

I got this curtain fabric for my living room and then realized that I had made a terrible mistake. The drapes just didn’t go together with my sofas or my beautiful Persian rug. In my quest for matching everything I overdid the matching part and created a dull boring look.

Here are a few tips so you can avoid such mistakes

  1. Overhead lighting is not the in thing: It’s time to layer the lighting; use table lamps, floor lamps and if you can’t do without overhead lighting use dimmers. Layered lighting adds a wonderful warm glow to the room.
  2. Wall hugging furniture is not cool: It is not easy for people to talk to each other when you push all furniture to the wall. The ideal way is to find a focal point like the TV or a Fireplace and arrange the furniture around it. don’t forget the end tables.
  3. Carpets and drapes: Don’t make the mistake I made of using too much of the same color especially the drapes and the carpets. As long as these two elements belong to the same color family, you can never go wrong.
  4. Never place art too high to see: Seriously, no one will make an attempt to crane their necks to see a piece of art. The best place is always eye level. So, on an average, the best spot would be about 57 inches from the floor.
  5. Always place a bit of you in the room: Don’t keep a room to clinical or too Add the right amount of you – keep books on the coffee table and photo frames on the TV console or on the wall.
  6. Use variety: A room looks beautiful when there is the right mix of big and small, short and tall. Do not ignore the proportion while decorating a room.

Hopefully, these tips will prevent you from making the common decoration mistakes that most people make.