How to Lose Weight Working 12 Hour Night Shifts?

People who are working from dawn to dusk especially people working in night shifts have to look after their body weight. Night shift workers do not get enough or sound sleep when compared to workers working in regular day shifts. The sleep deprivation brings about stress, fatigue and concentration problems. All these dull feelings can make you feel exhausted and develop poor health. A study says that losing sleep in the night can lead to weight gain.

Commercial weight loss programs like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, etc help busy individuals to lose weight in a healthy manner. All you have to do is pack the diet meals that they deliver to your workplace, reheat and have them during appropriate meal times. Jenny Craig also helps you lose up to 2lbs per week by delivering low calorie meals. Jenny Craig also provides meals at their centers across the country. However, Nutrisystem offers more convenience in terms of diet plans, delivery, cost, food options and more. Read about the pros and cons of both the programs and decide the most suitable plan.

How you can prevent weight gain while working in night shifts? Creating a good sleep setting can help you sleep for more hours. You can put thick night blinds and window covers that prevent light seeping inside. To thrash your late night cravings, pack on nutrient dense snack foods such as sliced fruits, hard boiled eggs and yoghurt. When you have to choose between sleep and exercise, give priority to sleep. However, exercise promotes good sleep. It is not necessary that you travel to gym to do workouts; a few effective indoor workouts help you reach the goal.  Avoid all sorts of sugary drinks, snacks during your working hours as they shoot up your blood sugar levels. Lastly, schedule your meals on regular intervals and follow this even during night shift.