Stairmaster Or Elliptical – What Burns More Calories?

If you are planning to lose weight through home based workout machines that provide low impact workouts then both Stairmaster and elliptical trainer are good options. According to the American Heart Association, the adults have to perform at least 150 minutes of workouts that range from moderate to intense levels each week. With so many exercise options available today, it is confusing to determine which option works best for you. Stairmaster and elliptical are joint friendly and deliver low impact workouts for you to stay fit. Each works in its unique way to offer you the result.

Elliptical: It is the best alternative to walking or jogging and delivers low impact workouts. Going for elliptical workouts is the best choice if you have joint problems. Modern elliptical machines include handles or arm poles that provide an additional upper body workout helping you to maximize your calorie burn. There are some elliptical machines that offer forward and backward pedaling options helping you to work out your lower leg muscles. ¬†When you combine your workouts with an effective diet plan, you can maximize your result. For example, Nutrisystem offers Turbo 13 plan that claims to offer 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss in the first month of following the diet plan. Click here to know more about this nutrisystem’s 2018 new plan now.

Stairmaster: Stairclimber or Stepper or Stairmaster also provides low impact cardio workouts. Both the step mill and pedal based climber provides you with high level of calorie burning activity and also strength for the lower body muscles. But the steppers do not provide an upper body workout option and also a change in pedaling direction like elliptical. Elliptical is a better option for people with knee problems.

When comparing the amount of workouts that the both machines deliver to different parts of the body, elliptical leads in burning more calories as it delivers workout to upper body as well.